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windows 8.1 Enterprise zed commands. Here s a stored procedure named proc TransferFunds that transfers funds between accounts in the MyBank database used in previous examples. Observe that transaction management logic is built into the stored procedure, ensuring that the UPDATEs succeed or fail as a whole without any overt action on the part of the calling application CREATE PROCEDURE proc TransferFunds Amount money, From char 1.

ut reversing the order of the equivalent statements in the OLE DB. NET sample generates a run time exception. What s scary is that if the two parameters were type compatible, no exception would occur and the command would happily execute with bogus input parameters. Don t forget about parameter order when using the OLE DB. NET provider Also be aware that if a parameterized OleDbCommand uses one input value. , cheap windows 10 key finder , rver asp TextBox ID Password TextMode Password RunAt server asp RequiredFieldValidator ControlToValidate Password ErrorMessage The password can t be blank Display none RunAt server asp RegularExpressionValidator ControlToValidate Password ValidationExpression. 8, Display none ErrorMessage The password must contain at least 8 characters RunAt server asp ValidationSummary DisplayMode BulletList HeaderText Th. windows 8.1 Enterprise, pecify as a tool tip in supportive browsers. The HyperLink class exposes a Target property that can be used to control how the targeted Web page is displayed. For example, the statement asp HyperLink Text Click here Target new NavigateUrl http www. wintellect. com RunAt server opens the page in a new browser window. Any value that s valid for a Target attribute in an a tag is also valid in a HyperLink. Ano.

xnode. Attributes AddAttribute attribute, cheap Windows 7 Starter to Professional Anytime Upgrade , child if xnode. HasChildNodes foreach XmlNode node in xnode. ChildNodes AddNodeAndChildren node, child TreeNode AddNode XmlNode xnode, TreeNode tnode string text null TreeNode child null TreeNodeCollection tnodes tnode null XmlView. Nodes tnode. Nodes switch xnode. NodeType case XmlNodeType. Element case XmlNodeType. Document tnodes. Add child new TreeNode xnode. . windows 8.1 Enterprise, eful for including mathematical equations, code listings, and even other XML documents in XML documents. Another way to include,, and characters in an XML document is to replace them with entity references. An entity reference is a string enclosed in and symbols. XML predefines the following entities Symbol Corresponding Entity lt gt amp apos quot Here s an alternative method for defining a Range element w.

windows 8.1 Enterprise g its 0 based index int index MyRadioButtonList. SelectedIndex SelectedIndex and SelectedItem aren t that interesting for CheckBoxList controls because multiple check boxes in the list might be checked, but they re extremely useful for other types of list controls. List controls fire SelectedIndexChanged events when the selection changes that is, when a new item is selected in a ListBox or DropDownList or .

plication development to the Web. You design forms by choosing controls from a palette and dropping them onto forms. You write event handlers by double clicking controls and filling in empty method bodies. And you compile and run your application by executing simple menu commands. It s no accident that building Web forms with Visual Studio. NET feels a lot like building Windows applications with Visual Bas. , ually little effort. You don t even have to use Visual Studio. NET. You can write powerful Web services with Notepad, which is precisely what we ll do in this chapter to introduce the brave new world of Web services and applications that use them Web Services A great place to begin an exploration of Web services is to define precisely what a Web service is. A Web service is an application that Runs on a We. 8.1, onsole. WriteLine message writer. Abort return static void WriterFunc DateTime start DateTime. Now Loop for up to 10 seconds while DateTime. Now start. Seconds 10 int j rng. Next 0, 100 int k rng. Next 0, 100 rwlock. AcquireWriterLock Timeout. Infinite try Swap ref buffer j, ref buffer k finally rwlock. ReleaseWriterLock static void Swap ref byte a, win 10 home basic genuine key , ref byte b byte tmp a a b b tmp Figure 14 12 Using reader. windows 8.1 Enterprise.

windows 8.1 Enterprise. ps that link to remote servers. Part 2 is all about ASP. NET the portion of the. NET Framework that helps you build Web applications and Web services. Web programming today is a black art built around HTML, DHTML, ASP, COM, and other loosely related technologies. Web programming tomorrow will be a science, thanks to ASP. NET. If you ve tried Web programming before and don t like it because you don t like d. windows 8.1 Enterprise odel. To remedy that, make the class serializable by adding a Serializable attribute Serializable public class ShoppingCart This quick and easy change enables ASP. NET to serialize and deserialize ShoppingCart objects using System. Runtime. Serialization. Formatters. Binary. BinaryFormatter, Bitdefender internet security (3 years 3 pcs) , Office Home and Business 2010 , better known as the. NET Framework s binary formatter. When you create custom data types with the intention of sto. 8.1 Enterprise - trol can enumerate the rows in the DataTable that a DataSet contains. DataTextField connects the Text property of the list control s items to a field in the data source. DataValueField specifies which field, Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 , if any, provides the items Value properties. List controls also inherit a method named DataBind from the ListControl base class. DataBind commands the control to initialize itself from the data source.. windows 8.1 Enterprise, arate console window, run StopwatchClient, cheap windows 10 enterprise product key serial , wait a couple of seconds, and press Enter to display the elapsed time. Stopwatch. cs using System public class Stopwatch MarshalByRefObject DateTime mark DateTime. Now public void Start mark DateTime. Now public int Stop return int DateTime. Now mark. TotalMilliseconds Figure 15 4 An application that uses a client activated object. StopwatchServer. cs using System.

rng. Next 0, 100 Monitor. Enter buffer try Swap ref buffer j, ref buffer k finally Monitor. Exit buffer static void Swap ref byte a, ref byte b byte tmp a a b b tmp Figure 14 8 Using monitors to synchronize threads. The C lock Keyword The previous section shows one way to use monitors, win server 2008 r2 standard key trial , but there s another way, too C s lock keyword in Visual Basic. NET, SyncLock. In C, the statements lock buffer are funct.